Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Bathtub Reglazing

  Hello Yall! If you are selling your house or moving into a new home and have a pink or any 70s color bathtubs then its time to reglaze it and turn it back to a normal modern color ....white. Just like black you could never go wrong with white in a bathroom. it is nice and elegant. Also proper!

Miracle Tubs process of reglazing a bathtub is the same method as refinishing:
1. First making sure the tub gets cleaned with a special acid making sure its gunk free and getting it squeaky clean.
2. Sanding to get rid of  the color.
3. Repairing any damaged areas like chips, and rusted areas.
mask and take all around
4. Apply primer
5. Lastly applying a high-gloss finish making your tub look nice and shiny.

Let me tell you almost like if you have a new tub!  
Have a awesome day!

Miracle Tubs

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